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As the largest plaintiff-oriented settlement planning team in the industry, Sage Settlement Consulting offers full-service settlement planning solutions tailored to meet the needs of plaintiff attorneys and their clients. Our national network of local experts and strategic partnerships exceed the level of service plaintiff attorneys and their clients have come to expect.

ARCHER is the nation's leading provider of claims administration, lien resolution, qualified settlement fund administration, national bankruptcy and probate coordination, and other pre and post-settlement services to the legal industry.  With over 250 employees operating out of offices in Texas, Colorado and Pennsylvania, ARCHER provides valued-added service and technology-based solutions to empower plaintiffs, defendants, and other stakeholders to achieve their collective litigation and other business objectives in the mass tort, class action and personal injury marketplace.  

SRS Capital Advisors provides Integrated Investment Management Services and Comprehensive Financial Planning for individuals and families that have experienced a life altering event due to an unexpected injury or medical malpractice circumstance. Our mission is to restore clients lives by stewarding their recovery today and into the future through customized conservative investment management.   


Ametros is the industry leader in post-settlement medical administration and a trusted partner for thousands of members receiving funds from workers’ compensation and liability settlements. Ametros provides post-settlement medical management services, offers substantial medical cost savings, automated payment technology and Medicare reporting to protect benefits and eliminate future exposure for all parties.


Settlement Consultant, Sage Settlements

Senior Vice President, 



Managing Director, Co-Founder

SRS Capital Advisors


Karissa Connelly Hearn is the Business Development Director for Ametros. Motivated by her passion for helping others, she excels at bringing polarized parties together to resolve issues and overcome settlement barriers. Karissa strives to do the right thing for everyone involved in medical settlement by identifying solutions based on each parties’ best interest and desired outcome. With a Marketing Communications Degree from the University of Colorado and 17 years of experience in Business Development, Karissa is an expert in Workers’ Compensation & Liability Medical Settlement Solutions.


Special Advisor to

CASE Coalition

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